RV Solar & Lithium Batteries

RV Solar installation in Glendale, ArizonaA solar panel system will not only extend the life of your batteries, but will allow you to RV like never before. Southwest RV sells quality solar panels that can outlive the life of your RV or trailer. Quality is key when looking to purchase solar panels. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Trust the experts at Southwest RV. Our educated staff have years of experience and can help guide you to the right amount of solar to meet your needs!

Installing just a single 20 watt panel you can keep your batteries fully charged during storage. Say goodbye to the days of dead batteries. The great thing about solar is you can always add more! Try a small panel and see the benefits for yourself.

Do you love dry camping, but also love the amenities your RV offers? Solar is right for you. Investing in a solar panel system can greatly prolong the life of your batteries while dry camping. Solar also helps maintain stable DC voltage, extending your stay! Take advantage of our Arizona sun and convert those rays into usable energy! 

Whole House Inverter Systems

A whole house inverter can take your RVing experience to the next level. With the appropriate battery bank these systems can run anything, from the microwave to the crock pot and even the air conditioner! Now the run times vary greatly depending on the size of the battery bank and how much solar output is applied to the system, but no matter the size of the system satisfaction is guaranteed. We’ve designed and built all different sizes of systems and can customize every aspect to meet your standards and needs. The right system enables you to use your unit as if you were plugged into shore power. Generators are heavy, awkward and noisy. Let SWRV help you step away from the headaches of portable generators and lead you into the world of strong reliable green power.

Victron energy components are what we use to run these systems. These systems are cutting edge and user friendly. These quality products last for years and are guaranteed to supply that reliable power for when you need it the most.

Lithium Ion Batteries

If you’re looking to stay out there longer the only solution is Battle Born Batteries. Their quality batteries have changed the game in green energy storage. This industry leading technology is available here at SWRV. We stock all types of Battle Born Batteries and the components to build your off grid system. Please contact us today for more information on how you can stay out there longer.
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