Electrical Repair & Solar

Southwest RV has skilled technicians that can solve any electrical problem you have! With years of experience, our staff can diagnose your RV or trailer’s electrical issue to get you back on the road.

Every RV or trailer has nearly a miles worth of wiring, where at any point a problem can accrue. Many times connection issues, rodents, even fires can cause major damage to your electrical system. At Southwest RV we can diagnosis, repair and test your AC and DC system!

If you’re having trouble with your electrical system, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

We offer the following Electrical Repair services:

  • RV Converter Installation and Repair
  • RV Inverter Installation and Repair
  • 6-240 Volt Electrical RV System Service
  • Voltages Services for 120-240V Systems
  • AC Wall Plug Services
  • GFI Outlet Repair Services
  • RV Battery Installation
  • Generator Service and Repair

Some of the major brands we service includes:

  • Progressive Dynamic RV Converters
  • WFCO RV Converters
  • Parallax RV Converters
  • Xantrex RV Inverters
  • Magnum RV Inverters
  • Go Power RV Inverters
  • Interstate RV Batteries
  • Onan Generators

RV Solar Power Made Simple

Solar Power can extend the life of your battery or even power major appliances. Southwest RV sells quality solar panels that can outlive the life of your RV or trailer.

Quality is key when looking to purchase solar panels.  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Trust the experts at Southwest RV.  Our educated staff have years of experience and can help guide you to the right amount of solar to meet your needs!

Installing just a single 20-watt panel you can keep your batteries fully charged during storage.  Say goodbye to the days of dead batteries. The great thing about solar is you can always add more! Try a small panel and see the benefits for yourself.

Do you love to dry camping but also love the amenities your RV offers? Solar is right for you.  Investing in a solar panel system can greatly prolong the life of your batteries while dry camping. Solar also helps maintain stable DC voltage, extending your stay! Take advantage of our Arizona sun and convert those rays into usable energy!

To get more information, stop by or give us a call at (623) 486-3452.