Baseplate & Supplemental Braking

RV Baseplate installation and supplemental braking in Glendale AZHaving your vehicle equipped with a base plate makes towing your vehicle a breeze. Say goodbye to bulky tow dollies, cab fares and expensive rental cars. When staying at an RV park or dry camping, having your vehicle allows you the freedom to explore. Many customers say they would never travel without their tow car again.

Base plate installations and supplemental braking installations take 1 to 2 days to complete. This time frame will vary depending on the make and model of vehicle and style of supplemental braking system you choose. We want you to feel confident when using your tow system. After the installation, we provide a personal walk-through tutorial on how to use your new tow system.

Base plates are custom designed for each vehicle, bolting directly into the frame of the vehicle, hidden beneath the vehicle front bumper. This ensures a secure connection. Blue Ox, Roadmaster and Democ base plates feature removable tabs that leave a clean look when the vehicle is not being towed. Southwest RV recommends Blue Ox, Roadmaster or Demco systems for all vehicles. Lightweight tow bars that stay on the receiver of your RV makes it easy for anyone to use these systems. In just a few steps you will be ready to hook up and go!

If your towed vehicle weight exceeds the state’s limit for tow, supplement braking is required by law. The added weight of the towed vehicle will significantly lengthen your stopping distance, which increases the chance of an accident. There are a few options when selecting the right type of supplemental braking system for you.SMI Air Force One, SMI Stay-In-Play Duo and Delta Force systems are our preferred and recommended supplemental braking system. Give us a call today for more information on these systems and a free quote for your tow vehicle!

After installation of your new towing equipment, don’t forget to register with the manufacturer to secure your warranty on your products (see links below). Southwest RV warranties all parts and labor for 90 days after installation on all service and repairs.

Warranty Registration:
Blue Ox: http://www.blueox.com/warranty/
Roadmaster: http://www.roadmasterinc.com/cms/wreg.html
Demo: https://www.jotform.us/Demco_products/rv_towing_products_registration

We Install Baseplates on All Brands & Manufacturers

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