RV Appliance Repair Service

RV’s and trailers are filled with all the amenities from home including microwaves, water heaters, A/C units and refrigeration. Keeping your home on wheels operating properly is imperative to the success of any RV trip.

There is nothing worse than your A/C breaking down on your summer vacation or your water heater trickling out ice cold water while up north. Prevent these things from happening to you by scheduling your annual maintenance with Southwest RV.

Our experienced technicians will evaluate the overall operation while servicing and possibly prevent a more costly repair. You can easily maintain your unit with our annual maintenance packages to preserve your appliances health.

Our appliance repair services are available for:

  • RV Furnace Repair
  • RV Stove Range Repair
  • RV AC Unit Repair
  • RV Refrigerator Repair
  • RV Microwave Repair
  • RV Toilet Repair
  • RV Sink Repair
  • RV Bathtub Repair

We work on the following major brands and products:

  • Atwood RV Appliances
  • Dometic RV Appliances
  • Norcold RV Appliances
  • Suburban RV Appliances
  • Hydro-Hot RV Appliances
  • Precision Temperature RV Appliances
  • Aqua-Hot RV Appliances
  • Hurricane RV Appliances

If you do run into a problem don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. Our service technicians are knowledgeable with brands such as Dometic, Norcold, Suburban, and many more. From servicing to repairs, Southwest RV is your reliable source.

To get more information, or to schedule to receive service, please call us at (623) 486-3452.